“Sleeping Bears” in The Conium Review

This story is about people whose faults appear as text on their foreheads. Read the text that explains (or fails to explain) that text in Volume 3 of the Conium Review. The deluxe edition is made of wood. Seriously.

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All the news that’s fit to drink

Sometimes I write about liquor for Savannah Morning News. You can see an archive of all my columns, even a few about non-alcoholic subjects, here.

Zach at SMN

“My 9/11 Story” in Forklift, Ohio #28

I promised never to write a story about 9/11, but here it is. This issue of Forklift has seeds inside the cover. I live far away from dirt so I was unable to confirm the type of seed.

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“The Loneliness of Large Bathrooms” coming soon in Cold Mountain Review

This story taught me how to spell the word "loneliness" correctly. If you read the story title several time, then maybe you will learn, too.

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